Wednesday, November 21, 2007

WARNING: For Women Only

I don't even know how to preface this. So I'll just say, "Ladies, this one is for you..."

(Thanks to Sarah for turning me on to this absolutely disgusting, but hilarious, website.)

Sunday, November 18, 2007

I hate coffee tables

I really do.

I hate those things.

They take up space in living rooms across the world, space that could be better utilized, in my humble opinion.

Take, for instance, the coffee table in our house.

It's a nice coffee table, as far as coffee tables go. (It's oak, though... blech. I'm not a big oak fan. Give me cherry or mahogany. Not oak.) It even has two "tiers", so we can use the bottom part for books, magazines and our growing assortment of cars, dinosaurs and stuffed animals.

But I still find the thing repulsive.

Maybe it's the shape. Rectangular. How... quaint.

I mean, at least an oval one would be somewhat eye-catching. No right angles. Just smooth. Round. Fluid. Or how about some bizarre shape, like a hand or a toilet bowl or a fish. ANYTHING but a rectangle.

I tried to hide our coffee table the last time we moved our furniture, tried to sneak it into a corner so it wouldn't be the ugly centerpiece it is. But someone wanted it out (that someone is a "he", by the way, and "he" is married to someone in our house) to use as a place to put drinks, dishes, et cetera. And I, being the softie I am, couldn't say no.

I mean, I understand the principle of the coffee table. But we have TV trays. Bring 'em out, set 'em up, put 'em out of sight. Done. Much nicer than a massive piece of furniture that serves no real purpose except to tick me off.

Coffee tables. The scourge of our society.