Wednesday, August 15, 2007


dewy kisses
smell of innocence
my son

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Concerned mama

My four-year-old son will begin pre-kindergarten in a couple of weeks. (Incidentally, it used to be called "nursery school" until that term became un-hip.)

He'll be at the school for three half-days each week. When I signed him up in the spring, I thought it would be wonderful for us to have a little time apart in preparation for kindergarten in 2008. During the time away from one another, I could write unpestered and he could socialize with peers.

Now, I'm having second thoughts.

I feel like I'm handing over what I hold most precious to someone else's whims. Though I know his teacher is qualified, that doesn't mean she's perfect. She'll have days when she's feeling moody, times when she wants to scream, and moments where she'll make mistakes.

I, too, am flawed. But I'm his mother. And she's not.

Am I insane? Or is this part of the normal "separation anxiety" felt by parents everywhere?

Thursday, August 2, 2007

chains of conformity

Color in the lines, my sweet--
It's what "good" children do.
They never question,
Never try
To create something new.
You wouldn't want to rock
The boat!
Dear me--
We might all drown!
So stay within the lines,
My pet.
Don't let the others down.

copyright 2007 AHCaffrey