Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Fundraising Rant

Before starting this rant, I'd like to make a few statements:

#1: I believe in fundraising. In fact, I enjoy it... when it's handled correctly and appropriately.
#2: I think that kids are terrific salespeople, but they shouldn't be roped into selling.
#3: I truly like the school my son is attending.

Okay. Now to the rant...

Yesterday, my son started preschool. I was very pleased with everything about the place and he seemed to enjoy himself, though I think he was a tad bit overwhelmed.

But when I looked over the materials that were sent home with him, a coupon book caught my eye. "How nice!" I thought. "They are giving parents and students the chance to save money at local establishments!"

I was wrong.

The coupon book had a "catch". It costs $25. And my son (or, more precisely, my husband and I) has the opportunity to sell these coupon books to his family and friends. The school gets half the profits, which will go toward a new playground.

I was shocked.

First of all, this isn't a nonprofit organization. It's a franchise and it's not inexpensive to send my son there.

Secondly, it was our first day! I would have been more open to the whole notion if it had been approached delicately after we'd been there a while.

Third, I would rather simply give the school the amount (half the book's worth) and be done with it.

Again, let me reiterate that I LIKE this establishment. And I realize that such fundraising is often necessary to keep up a level of quality. I'm just disappointed.


Beth said...

I would just like to say:

1.) You're a saint for apologizing.
2.) I would have probably swore in my blog when writing this up.
3.) Did I mention you were a saint?

Seriously, some things just are NOT right ... and a $25 coupon book on the first day of school is one of them.

Beth said...

Just checking in again. Are you out there?

The Quoibler said...


Yep! Still here... I just have a habit of hanging out at my other blog, Irritating, aren't I? :)